Results for RAREFAN run t5dvaibm


reference_strain: chlTAMOak81.fas
nmer_length: 21
min_nmer_occurrence: 55
query_rayt: yafM_SBW25.faa
analyse_repins: y
e_value_cutoff: 1e-30

t5dvaibm is a rerun of xoy2pmsk.

Status: complete

Stage Status Return code
rarefan complete
tree complete
zip complete


RAREFAN discovered 33 RAYTs across all submitted genomes using tblastn with yafM_SBW25.faa at an e-value threshold of 1e-30.

Seed sequences

RAREFAN identified 59 21bp long sequences in the reference genome that occur more frequently than 55 times.

REP/REPIN counts

RAREFAN detected 216 REPs/REPINs in the reference genome.

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